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Naciśnij "zębatkę", aby włączyć obsługę Flash dla swojej przeglądarki.

Możesz również zablokować Flash, naciskając ikonę "puzzle" w prawym górnym rogu przeglądarki.

Snoopers could easily access and watch Mobile World Congress visitors and Barcelona residents in private and public spaces, and stream the video directly to the internet, or turn the device into a bot.

With hundreds or thousands of vulnerable devices, cybercriminals can create a botnet to attack and take down servers and websites.

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Avast identified more than 22,000 webcams and baby monitors in the city that are vulnerable to attack, which means that cybercriminals could livestream the videos directly to the internet.

The findings identified more than 493,000 smart devices in Barcelona and 5.3 million in Spain overall – including smart kettles, coffee machines, garage doors, fridges, thermostats and other IP-connected devices – that are As webcams and other devices are vulnerable, there are a range of security, legal and privacy concerns to be addressed.

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